Compatibility btwn Microstation and Autodesk Naviworks

I am working on 3d renderings for Marines using Microstation (SS3) and another team in some other company (our JV) is working on 3d renderings in Autodesk Naviworks software. I received a sample Naviworks fiel which has extension '.nwd' & i could not open this file since Microstation does not recognize this file.

Our goal is to somehow merge or combine my 3d renderings with our JV's 3d rendering. I open the nwd file in Naviworks (yes i installed Naviworks, 2013 i guess) and i there is no option to do 'Save as' or 'Export' to dgn or dwg format. There is option to export in 'dwf' format and surprisingly the 'dwf' file i cannot open in AutoCAD.

Does anyone know how can i use either .nwd or .dwf file in Microstation to combine the two renderings?