Using inbuilt Animation for getting Dynamic views

Hi Everyone! 

Good Day! I am a student working on a Project using MicroStation Software (V8i Select series 3). I am trying to create a video of my 3D model that I have created. I am using the inbuilt Animation, but I am facing 2 problems: 

1. Due to the file size is large (800MB), when I record using a Fly Through Camera it is not able to record/capture and software starts to crash. 

2. Is there any way a dynamics video/recording can be done? Where the objects/person moving can be recorded rather just having a camera moving and not just showing the static positioning. 

Thanks in advance! 

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  • You can get results easily with Saved Views (Utilities > Saved Views) and use these stored Views within the Animation Producer (Utilities > Render > Animation). Saved Views store camera postion and orientation, which levels are on/off, what View Atributes are activated.. blahblahdiblah.

    Saved Views
    Set your view up the way you like it and store this with a name (e.g. StartFromBeginning) using Saved View. Next alter your camera position/orientation and then again give it a name (e.g. EndAtFinish). You can later apply these Saved Vews to any view, without having to manually adjust camera positions.

    Building an animation
    Start the Animation Producer and in the left column right click on the view you want to use. Select Script and add a value at wich frame you want this to start (usually 0). Do the same for the Saved View that needs to be at the end (e.g. 100 ). You can later add more Saved Views if desired.

    Creating the final animation.
    In the Animation Producer go to pull Down menu "File > Record Script...". Choose your settings and press OK. Microstation will no create an animation while moving from the Saved View named StartFromBeginning to Saved View EndAtFinish within the given time.

    Preferably you'd be using seperate raster files instead of movie files (Avi/WMV).

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