Using inbuilt Animation for getting Dynamic views

Hi Everyone! 

Good Day! I am a student working on a Project using MicroStation Software (V8i Select series 3). I am trying to create a video of my 3D model that I have created. I am using the inbuilt Animation, but I am facing 2 problems: 

1. Due to the file size is large (800MB), when I record using a Fly Through Camera it is not able to record/capture and software starts to crash. 

2. Is there any way a dynamics video/recording can be done? Where the objects/person moving can be recorded rather just having a camera moving and not just showing the static positioning. 

Thanks in advance! 

  • Hi, to answer to your first question, microstation is quite capable for large file rendering, onlybthing that it might not showing (refreshing) the progress for render, however the process is in the background running. You may reduce number of frame to render at a one time or make sure that your computer would keep running during the render process. Question 2: camera stays, actor moves - is easily achieved through key frames. Remember key frames must come in pares: start and end. Key frame 1: select the actor - fix it within key frame. Key frame 2: keep selecting the actor, move, and manipulate with it, new position fix it with creating new key frame. Then script both key frames:start and end, with transition parameters. Nikolay
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