Andy Parinussa

Hello. I want to create VR files for my clients to use their own devices like iPhone an Android. What is the workflow. I saw that Aecosim can create VRLM files. What is the workflow then. I saw that Autodesk use 3d studio max for VR files.  And LumenRT can also create somthing. Please help me find a tutorial or send me a workflow to create these files. Because VR is now a hot item.

  • Hi Andy, If you want to make VR for a mobile device like i-phone or android, the easiest way Is to render stereo spherical images in AecoSim or Microstation. In LumenRT you can render spherical images faster, unfortunately there is no option for stereo in this program. At You're mobile device you can install a VR app to view then with for example Google Cardboard. If you want to make an interactive environment for phones, the most robust way is to export the 3D model to a game engine like Unreal or Unity (best experience with fbx export in SelectSeries 4, in connect there stil are problems with the export to fbx). This method only has a bigger learning path then using Bentley software. Regards Louis