DYNAMEQ 4.5.0 Now Available

DYNAMEQ 4.5.0 CONNECT Edition introduces support for Bentley's Subscription Entitlement Service (SES) licensing system. This brings several exciting changes to software entitlements and related workflows:

  • DYNAMEQ CONNECT Edition (CE) allows access to maximum network dimensions on all projects.
  • To activate DYNAMEQ (CE), just sign in to the Bentley CONNECT Client with your Bentley Account. (User registration may be required)
  • When used with the included Legacy License Utility, recent versions (DYNAMEQ v.4.4.0 to DYNAMEQ v.3.0.0) may be used seamlessly with Bentley SES, and will also benefit from access to maximum network dimensions.
  • Bentley Cloud Services may be used to track software usage in your organization, register users and much more.
  • Use License Checkout to work offline when required.
  • Activation codes, the INRO Software Manager, INRO Licence Service and INROkey USB device are no longer
  • DYNAMEQ (CE) also allows DYNAMEQ to be used in a variety of Bentley commercial programs.

DYNAMEQ 4.5.0 also introduces support to export of trajectories from the Animation Window.

Also, note that the uppercased form of "DYNAMEQ" is now the official product name.

DYNAMEQ 4.5.0 is available for download.

See below for more details.

—The Bentley Mobility Simulation Team

DYNAMEQ 4.5.0 is the first CONNECT Edition of DYNAMEQ (DYNAMEQ CE). CONNECT Editions use Bentley's Subscription Entitlement Service (SES) for product licensing and activation. CONNECT Editions also include Bentley's CONNECTION Client, which is a Cloud Services Client that provides runtime components required for applications to access Bentley Cloud Services.

For existing DYNAMEQ users, DYNAMEQ 4.5.0 includes a Legacy License Utility (LLU), which may be used to allow seamless use of recent pre-CONNECT versions (DYNAMEQ v.4.4.0 to DYNAMQ v.3.0.0) with new Bentley SES entitlements. In these legacy use cases, the LLU replaces the INRO Software Manager.


The DYNAMEQ 4.5.0 installer includes the Bentley CONNECTION Client. The CONNECTION Client guides users through the registration process and enables them to sign in. Once registered and signed in, users can run any of the products their Organization has an Entitlement (license) for as part of their contract.

Legacy Licensing Utility

DYNAMEQ 4.5.0 introduces a system tray application called the Legacy Licensing Utility which allows use of recent pre-CONNECT versions (DYNAMEQ v.4.4.0 to DYNAMEQ v.3.0.0) with new Bentley Subscription Entitlement Service (SES) entitlements. The Legacy Licensing Utility or LLU provides a bridge between Bentley's SES and earlier pre-CE DYNAMEQ software versions for seamless license management without requiring use of legacy INROkeys or activation codes.

LLU is installed together with DYNAMEQ CONNECT Edition (DYNAMEQ 4.5.0).

A Bentley CONNECT account is required to use the app and you must be signed in to the Bentley CONNECTION Client with your account credentials to use LLU. When LLU is launched, the following icon appears in the system tray:  .

When launching a pre-CONNECT version of DYNAMEQ, for example, Dynameq 4.4.0, LLU will check to determine if it has access to DYNAMEQ. If you have product entitlement, DYNAMEQ will run. Information on the DYNAMEQ entitlement (license) is given in the Licenses tab of the LLU, as shown below. Users will need to select the maximum license size corresponding to their pre-CONNECT version of DYNAMEQ for successful entitlement.

For more on installing and getting started with DYNAMEQ CONNECT Edition, please see Installing, Authorizing and Starting DYNAMEQ.

Export trajectories from Animation window

The Data tab in the Animation window now includes an Export Trajectories button. This button becomes active once vehicle trajectory data has been loaded in the Animation window.

Note: Since the trajectories represent a large amount of data, it is recommended to start with a relatively small set of trajectories, for example, just a few minutes worth for a subarea of the network, to get a feel for the file size that will be generated.

Trajectories may be exported in one of two formats (Lat/Long + Azimuth and XYZ + Front/Rear) using a specified timestep resolution level. The larger the timestep, the lower the resolution. The recommended timestep to obtain a good level of visual resolution is 0.1 s. The file containing the exported trajectories is written to the following sub-folder of the Dynameq project folder: Animation / scenario / dta.

For more on exporting vehicle trajectories, refer to the Exporting trajectories in the Dynameq User's Manual (User's Manual → Viewing the Results of a DTA → Vehicle trajectories → Simulation animation → Layers → Vehicles).

DYNAMEQ project dimensions

DYNAMEQ CONNECT Editions, and supported pre-CONNECT Editions when run via LLU, now allow access to maximum dimensions on all projects.