• Modeling Semi-Submersibles, Spars, non-ship shaped hull for MOSES

    Modeling semi-submersibles, spars, and other non-ship shaped hulls ready for use in MOSES is still best done in the &SURFACE menu.  There are several examples on how to create these types of hulls at the following directory in your installation drive.

    C:\Program Files\Bentley\Engineering\MOSES CONNECT Edition V10\hdesk\runs\samples\ves_mod

  • Sacs_tow option in the automated tools reports RAOs as G forces, but they should be displacement

    The RAO type is set by the value in column 5 of the RAO line and are defined as Gravitational accelerations (G’s) when the value is ‘G’, and for displacement it should be "D".

    The MOSES output is for displacement, also referred to as motions.  The value in column 5 should be written as "D".

    This will be fixed in the next update.

  • MAXSURF and Rhino

    General purpose 3D NURBS surface modeling programs like Rhino are widely used and complement the ship-specific modeling and analysis capabilities in MAXSURF. We would recommend the following workflow:

    1. Create the initial hull model in MAXSURF Modeler (which has a range of ship-specific modeling and fairing tools and using the other MAXSURF modules to verify stability code compliance and estimate resistance and seakeeping…