• Introducing SACS CONNECT Edition V13.0 - CL

    SACS CONNECT Edition V13.0 – CL release includes enhancements including:

    CONNECT Licensing

    CONNECT licensing is Bentley's new licensing model, providing enhanced security and optimized value for your Bentley Subscriptions. It is integrated with Bentley's Identity Management System (IMS) and the Bentley CONNECT technology platform to allow near real-time reporting of usage, improved alert messaging to users and increased…

  • MOSES, Statistic Calculation of Double Peak Jonswap Spectrum(-e_period)

    1. Overview

    The purpose of this document is to show what gamma values for 2JONSWAP spectrum MOSES calculate and what is reported when multiple periods are defined with an option "-e_periods". Multiple sea-states with varying mean periods are stored in the database for later use in statistic calculation.  After generating hydrodynamic pressure data, RAOs of the vessel is computed. Motion statistics for several…