• MAXSURF past. present and future

    MAXSURF  23 was released at the end of last year; 2021 marks the 25th year of MAXSURF on Microsoft Windows whilst its predecessor MacSurf, on the Apple Macintosh platform, was first released in 1985. The developers behind the MAXSURF software are by and large naval architects and structural engineers, many of whom have been working on MAXSURF since the early days on the Windows platform (I started working for Formation…

    • Sat, Feb 13 2021
  • Learning MAXSURF - Self-paced training material from 2011

    Just because its old doesn't mean its no good. I found some archived training material on my HDD today. This may be helpful if you are new to modelling with NURBS in MAXSURF Modeler:

    Learning MAXSURF - Self-paced training material from 2011

    This is somewhat dated self-paced training material that we created in 2011. However the underlying principles of how the software works are essentially the same. In the newer…

    • Fri, Feb 5 2021