Announcing MOSES CONNECT Edition Version 12

The MOSES development team is pleased to announce the release of MOSES CONNECT Edition This is the first release of MOSES to include OpenWindPower features.

New Features

MOSES version 12 includes a number of new features including new tools that allow for interoperability with DNV GL's Bladed, an aeroelastic wind turbine aeroelastic solver. The new features include:

  • Improvements to trimesh generation and MOSES object modelling in Modeler.
  • Calculation of added mass at infinite frequency.
  • Hydrodynamic panel pressure visualisation in the MOSES Executive.
  • The export of MOSES hydrodynamic data in the WAMIT file format via the EMIT_WAMIT command.
  • Automated import of time history data generated by Bladed via the BLADED_TOOLS macros (OpenWindPower Floating Platform and Worksuite licenses only).
  • MOSES Time domain analyses that include aeroelastic solver data (OpenWindPower Floating Platform and Worksuite licenses only).
  • Post processing of MOSES time domain and static structural results using the SACS Post and Fatigue modules via the Common Solution File (MOSES Advanced license and above).
  • Parallel processing of multiple command input files using the LAN Grid Analysis Service (MOSES Advanced license and above).
  • iTwin Design Review for the sharing and collaboration of structural models (MOSES Advanced license and above).

License Changes

The MOSES Enterprise license has been renamed MOSES Ultimate. Only the name has changed, there are no changes to the available features.

Users will also notice that two new licenses have been added to the License Configuration dialog, OpenWindPower Floating Platform and OpenWindPower Worksuite. These new licenses allow users to import data from third-party aeroelastic wind turbine solvers for use in MOSES time domain and structural analyses. For more information on the capabilities available with these licenses please contact a member of the MOSES team.

Application Name Changes

Two MOSES applications have been renamed. MOSES Hull Modeler has been renamed MOSES Modeler and MOSES Hull Mesher has been renamed MOSES Multiframe.

Further Information

Full details on the changes made to MOSES in version can be found in the MOSES ReadMe.

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The MOSES Version installer can be downloaded from Software Downloads or the Fulfillment Center (a Bentley login is required).