Announcing MOSES CONNECT Edition Version 12 Update 4

The MOSES development team is pleased to announce the release of MOSES CONNECT Edition

New Features

MOSES version 12.04 contains a number of new features including tools that allow for interoperability with NREL’s FAST, an aeroelastic wind turbine solver. The new features include:

  • A technology preview of the export of wave elevation at the global origin from the &ENV command ensuring identical wave environments are used in FAST and MOSES.
  • A technology preview of the automated import of time history data generated by FAST via the FAST_TOOLS macros (OpenWindPower Floating Platform and Worksuite licenses only).
  • A new sensor for detecting clashes of mooring lines in a time domain simulation.
  • Simple tools for the import and merging of results tables in MOSES Executive to allow for easy data comparison.
  • Upgrades to the CM2 meshing library in Modeler to improve speed and mesh quality.
  • Precede, the SACS strucutural modeler, which is now available with every MOSES license.
  • Load case selection and modification when exporting strucutural results to the Common Solution File for post-processing.

License Changes

MOSES now supports Student licenses. For more information please visit


MOSES has been tested in Citrix Workspace. Full details can be found on Bentley Communities.

Further Information

Full details on the changes made to MOSES in version can be found in the MOSES ReadMe.

For more information on OpenWindPower please visit: 

For more information on Bentley Subscriptions and Licensing programs please visit:

The MOSES Version installer can be downloaded from Software Downloads or the Fulfillment Center (a Bentley login is required).