Announcing SACS Version 2023 Minor 2

The SACS development team is pleased to announce the release of SACS 2023 Minor 2 (23.00.02).

Release Highlights

SACS Marine Ultimate - Deprecated Motion/Stability Program

SACS Motion/Stability has been deprecated and replaced with SACS Motions and SACS Stability. These programs provide a more robust, full-featured solution for hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analyses with a full 3D graphical interface. SACS Motions and SACS Stability are based on the MAXSURF Motions and Stability programs. More information about these programs can be found in the documentation or on the MAXSURF product page and MAXSURF Virtuosity page.

Further Information

Full details on the changes made to SACS in version 23.00.02 can be found in the SACS Readme.

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The SACS 23.00.02 installer can be downloaded from Software Downloads (a Bentley login is required).