Introducing SACS 11.1 CONNECT Edition Update

SACS 11.1 CONNECT Edition Update

SACS 11.1 update includes the CONNECT Advisor integration in addition to NORSOK 2013 joint strength check in Collapse and pile capacity visualization in Collapse view. The torsional mass moment of inertia calculations have been added to the DYNPAC module, also the ability to handle all load cases generated for a time history has been added to the SACS Wind Turbine Process. Other updates include support for ISM 6.0 and the ability to export stiffness and mass matrices in addition to the load vector to a CSV file from the SACS superelement module.

CONNECT Advisor integration

CONNECT Advisor is a CONNECT services entitlement for our users and a core offering of Adaptive Learning Services. It is designed to provide content aggregated from multiple sources in a single location and provides in-application contextual assistance, including recommendations, short feature and workflow videos and personalized learning paths and knowledge maps. CONNECT Advisor will increasingly leverage Azure-based machine learning, to further personalize its assistance for each Connected User.