Introducing SACS CONNECT Edition V13.1 - CL

SACS CONNECT Edition V13.1 – CL release includes enhancements including:

Bentley SACS Uncoupled Wind Turbine Cloud Process [Technical Preview]

SACS can now execute the Uncoupled Wind Turbine Process on Bentley’s Cloud Scalable Processing Service (SPS). The process offers the advantage of the virtually unlimited computing power of Azure cloud allowing the execution of hundreds of simulations in parallel potentially reducing the total analysis time by a factor of 10.

For more information see SACS Cloud Services.

SACS Runfile Command Line Execution

SACS now support execution of analyses (runfiles) from the command line using the SACS Analysis Engine. This functionality also allows the execution of runfiles from scripts.

The command line syntax is as follows:

AnalysisEngine.exe RunfilePath SACSInstallationDirectory

Note: SACS must be installed on the computer that executes the Analysis Engine. The AnalysisEngine.exe executable is included in the SACS installation directory




Path to the runfile to be executed. Runfile could be a multi-run runfile.


Path to the SACS installation Directory.

Demo 14 contains an example of executing the analysis engine in a simple member redesign workflow using python. In this example, the script executes the runfile demo14.runx using the analysis engine. It then searches the result database for any members which Max UC is greater than 0.9. If any members are found, the script then searches the input file for the member’s group definition. The script then increases the GRUP’s wall thickness by 0.25 inches and executes the runfile again repeating the workflow until no members exceed the 0.9 MaxUC threshold.