Introducing SACS CONNECT Edition V13.2 - CL

SACS CONNECT Edition V13.2 – CL release includes enhancements including:

AISC 15th provisions code check is now available using new options 5A, 5B, and 5L

Box, Tee, Rectangular Tube, Wide Flange, Plate Girder, Channel, Angle, Unsymmetrical Plate Girder, Double Web Plate Girder, Boxed-in Plate Girder sections have been updated with the latest AISC 15th provisions. Revised section E7 has been implemented, and new checks for lateral torsional buckling and local buckling of Box/RTB and Tee sections have been added.

SACS Collapse Advanced Updates

  • Joints: The joint calculations have been improved and verified. The Collapse Advanced now supports following joint calculations:
    • Fessler and Buitrago Joint Flexibility
    • API LRFD, NORSOK rev. 1,2 and 3, ISO 19902 Joint Strength
    • MSL Joint Flexibility and Strengths
  • Members: Collapse Advanced now supports all sections supported by current Collapse  
    • Supported Sections: Tee, Channel, Angle, Box, Conical, Double-Tubular, and Jack-up Leg
  • Local Buckling: The local buckling checks have been improved and verified for tubular and conical sections.
    • Supported methods: Marshal & Gates, API Bulletin 2U, API LRFD, and ISO 19902
  • Impact:
    • Ship indention, member indentation, and impact energy calculation are verified for both loading and unloading.
    • A new feature is added to assume ship/member dent as plastic deformation.

Wave Response can now read in force time history from FLEX5 and BHAWC input

 Wave Response can now read time history joint loads using FLEX5 and BHAWC file formats.

Pile 3D can now apply Base Shear and Base moment at the pile tip

This enhancement allows Pile 3D program to account for Base Shear and Base Moment applied to the pile tip. This effect is significant for gravity type and rigid piles with large diameter and ratio of length to diameter between 2 and 6 and may increase lateral stiffness and lead to a better design. This enhancement enables the Pile 3D program to calculate Base Shear by interpolating the pile tip T-Z curve using pile tip displacement and calculates Base Moment by interpolating P-Y curve using the corresponding rotation. Both effects are then added to the soil stiffness at pile tip

Import FEMAP model into SACS

SACS can now import plates and solid elements created in FEMAP. The import is part of Precede graphic modeler. Currently, only plates, cubes, and tetrahedrons are imported.