MAXSURF and Rhino

General purpose 3D NURBS surface modeling programs like Rhino are widely used and complement the ship-specific modeling and analysis capabilities in MAXSURF. We would recommend the following workflow:

1. Create the initial hull model in MAXSURF Modeler (which has a range of ship-specific modeling and fairing tools and using the other MAXSURF modules to verify stability code compliance and estimate resistance and seakeeping performance)

2. Then use MicroStation or Rhino or some other general purpose modeling or CAD program for detailing. (Modeling superstructure, features such as surface intersection fillets or deck hardware and other details that are not important from a stability or ship performance point of view.)

In this way you are playing to the strengths of each tool.


However we appreciate that if you have models in Rhino (or some other system) you want to get them into MAXSURF with the minimum of effort. Here are some tips to help you get your Rhino models into MAXSURF as easily as possible.

MAXSURF Model (right) imported into Rhino (left)

You can find more information and tips in this document.