MOSES CONNECT Edition 10.14 is now available

The MOSES product team is pleased to announce the availability of MOSES CONNECT Edition (Version on the Fulfillment Center.

NOTE: This is an update and will overwrite earlier installations of MOSES 10.13, etc.

Version 10.14 of MOSES includes a Technology Preview of the new MOSES Executive. Installed alongside the classic versions of the MOSES applications, the Executive aims to replace and build on the functionality of the existing classic version of MOSES.

Some of the features of the MOSES Executive include:

  • A unified editing, analysis and post processing interface
  • A project view containing all files referenced in a given analysis
  • An inbuilt editor with context sensitive highlighting, access to help for a given MOSES command (via the F1 key) and easy commenting of code sections
  • Advanced data processing features including interactive graphs plotted from data produced whenever a REPORT command was issued
  • Updated model viewing capabilities, including the ability to directly record *.avi files from a desired view point

As this version is a technology preview it is possible that users may find issues previously unknown to the MOSES product team. The team kindly requests that users provide feedback via the Bentley Support link located in the Support tab of the ribbon.

Full details are explained in the ReadMe.