MOSES Solver - setting the license that should be used

The default SELECT license to be used can now be specified in the .moses.ini file in the user’s home directory (usually c:\users\ using the variable LICENSE and the values AUTOMATIC, STANDARD, ADVANCED or ENTERPRISE. The license suite used for a particular analysis can also be specified in the corresponding *.cif file using the new &DEVICE option –LICENSE command.



The default setting is read from the .moses.ini file at startup, but this can be specified as AUTOMATIC, STANDARD, ADVANCED or ENTERPRISE at any point in an analysis. Note that if STANDARD is specified then MOSES Advanced features (time domain, pipe & rod, structural) will not be available. If STANDARD or ADVANCED are specified, then MOSES Enterprise features will not be available (Jacket Launch, Generalized Degrees of Freedom).

If AUTOMATIC is specified then MOSES will attempt to switch licenses as required in order to run the commands found in the .cif file. If a required license is not available, this may cause the command file to terminate.


If you own a single level license of MOSES e.g. you just own MOSES Advanced, then you will want to set the .moses.ini file value to that level. If you own multiple levels, for example if you have an ELS (Enterprise License Subscription), then you may wish to set the license level to the one you most commonly use so that other users in your company can use the other licenses.