MAXSURF and Multiframe: Decimal character in Windows10

A few users have experienced difficulty with MAXSURF and Multiframe when using on a "European" system with a comma ',' as the decimal charater.

The following Technical note on Decimal character in Windows10 with MAXSURF and Multiframe describes how to avoid these problems and some other hints when dealing with certain file-types on a "European" system.

Region format

  • Hello Pat,

    I found that this problem is also appearing similar at windows 7,

    Is there maybe a planned date in which the problem should be fixed? My apologize for asking such a question for a fix of a problem which you described 13 days ago :-) , but...

    I recently distributed a Multiframe package (V21.10.00.39) to solve an incorrect Maxsurf license usage registration which occurs when usingMultiframe V17, but now the users need to switch the Regional settings every time, or do not use it like you suggested. Maybe I am gone give users a script to easily switch decimal characters settings, but for security risks such solution is not recommended.

    Thanks in advance,

    Nico Stam

  • We found that so long as you do not change the "Additional Settings" from their defaults then the Multiframe will correctly use whatever decimal character is selected for the Region|Format selected. We will investigate further and see if a solution is available.