MAXSURF feature for user comment: separate default license selection for each Module

Recently we had some feedback from one of our MAXSURF users requesting that each Module (Modeler, Stability, Resistance, etc) within MAXSURF have its own separate default license selection.

Currently (up to MAXSURF 21.14) the last used license which has been used is displayed in the license selection dialog when you launch a MAXSURF Module, and this is common between all the Modules. The upshot is that if you have a standalone license as well as a MAXSURF full license, you find you are often having to swap between the license you wish to use depending on which Module you wish to use. A similar situation would occur where a design office owned one license of MAXSURF and one license of MAXSURF Advanced: if one naval architect wanted to use the Resistance Module, it would make sense for them to select the (basic) MAXSURF license, leaving the Advanced license free should another naval architect in the office want to run a Module which would benefit from the Advanced license (eg Stability or Motions).

The new option would simply be implemented as a checkbox in the License Configuration dialog which is normally displayed when you launch a Module: