MAXSURF Rhino plug-in (removed from installer) - download here!

The MAXSURF Rhino plug-in is no longer included in the MAXSURF Installer.
We have taken the decision not to update the MAXSURF Assembly plug-in for Rhino 6 and have removed it from the MAXSURF installer.
Use this file for the plug-in and documentation for earlier versions of Rhino

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  • Hi Pat, I downloaded the plugin but it doesn't Rhino 6, when I try to install it I got an error telling me the plug-in has not been compiled for that version of Rhino. As a matter of fact, in the zipped file I find only 2 files: one is MaxsurfAssembly5_x64 (the one that gives me the sated error) and anothr that is MaxsurfAssembly (that gives another error ("Impposible to load the plug-in. Initialization failed"). Thank you