SIG Virtual Workshop: Bentley Offshore (SACS) - March 13, 2019 - You're Invited!

Bentley Offshore (SACS) Special Interest Group Virtual Workshop - March 13, 2019 at 10 a.m. EDT (U.S.)
Topic: Working with the SACS Wind Turbine Job Creator
Host/Presenter: Geoff McDonald, Application Engineer, Bentley Systems, Inc.

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If you’re looking to improve your design process for offshore wind turbines, this Bentley Offshore Special Interest Group virtual workshop is for you! Structured with your success in mind, the technology presentation will focus on recommended techniques for using the SACS Wind Turbine Job Creator. You will learn how to:

  • Generate multiple wind turbine analyses
  • Create an Excel spreadsheet with analyses variables
  • Produce a wind turbine job settings file

The Offshore SIG is open to all Bentley users, and there will be time to share input and ask questions. Live, complimentary, and interactive – receive one PDH for your Bentley Transcript. When joining this session, registrants should use the Guest option.

See you online!

  • Hello every one, I'm studying  the SACS Wind Turbine Job Creator. Please explain me some questions:

    1, I don't know How to create excel file? Can You send me a template file.

    2, CONFIG File define:

     Ex: WAVTIM, Water Depth MLLW, 11, 6, F

    What does the mean of data "11, 6, F"?

    Thanks you!

  • Hello Ms. Patsy,
    Can you send me the videos/ example files of this workshop?

    My email address: 

    Thanks you!

  • The configuration file defines which input will be modified in the text file by the data specified in the Excel spreadsheet. 

    The input follows this format:

    [Input Line], [Input Description], [Starting Column], [Length], [Input Type]

    So for your example, the configuration file would set up a field that will modify the WAVTIM input line starting at column 11 with a length of 6 columns with a float. If you take a look at the Wave Response documentation, this corresponds exactly to the input for the Water Depth on the WAVTIM line.