SIG Virtual Workshop: Offshore - Tour the MOSES Connector Design Menu

Bentley Offshore Special Interest Group: A Tour of the MOSES Connector Design Menu
Host: Geoff McDonald, Application Engineer, Bentley Systems, Inc.
Date/Time: 12 February 2020 at 10:00 A.M. EST

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Mark your calendar for the next Bentley Offshore Special Interest Group virtual workshop, A Tour of the MOSES Connector Design Menu. The Connector Design Menu is intended to help engineers comprehend characteristics of the connectors. Historically, it’s use was to facilitate understanding of non-linearities of catenary mooring systems. The capabilities have evolved to include other connectors.

Stay in the know and learn recommended workflows during this one-hour session. The agenda will also encompass a review of the:

  • Command structure
  • Capabilities for the catenary systems
  • Potentials for other connector types

The Offshore SIG is open to all Bentley users, so invite your colleagues!

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