Announcing MOSES CONNECT Edition Version 11 Update 3

The MOSES development team is pleased to announce the release of MOSES CONNECT Edition

This version of MOSES includes updates to the MOSES Solver and a technology preview of the new features in the MOSES Executive and MOSES Hull Modeler. These include:

  • A technology preview of a new feature that allows MOSES objects to be defined in MOSES Hull Modeler. MOSES bodies, parts, pieces, classes, and beam and plate elements can now be created graphically and saved directly to the MOSES *.dat format. Please refer to the short video below for an example.
  • A technology preview of MOSES projects, a convenient way to group multiple command input, data, macro and results files in one location, the *.moses project file.
  • Changes to the definition of compressors and pumps, and improvements to the reporting of compartment hole flows. 

Full details on the changes made to MOSES in version can be found in the MOSES ReadMe.

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The MOSES Version installer can be downloaded from Software Downloads or the Fulfillment Center (a Bentley login is required).