Announcing MAXSURF CONNECT Edition Version 22 Update 3

The MAXSURF development team is pleased to announce the release of MAXSURF CONNECT Edition

 In this release of MAXSURF there are significant enhancements to the MAXSURF modules, including:

  • Modeler: new trimesh features including simplified generation of box and tube primitive shapes; generating prismatic trimeshes by extruding a curve; Boolean operations (union and intersection) on closed trimesh surfaces.
  • Modeler: Export of vessel structural model to Multiframe for analysis (technology preview)
  • Modeler: Productivity enhancements to facilitate setting the cutting surface list and surface color.
  • Motions: User-defined RAO import from text files extended to allow range of speeds and heading.
  • Shape Editor: Enhancements to section shape and cutout (punch-out) definition and editing.
  • Over 30 minor enhancements

Full details on the changes made to MAXSURF in version can be found in the MAXSURF ReadMe. A cumulative list of the main features to have been added to MAXSURF since Version 19 may be found here.

The MAXSURF Version installer can be downloaded from Software Downloads or the Fulfillment Center (a Bentley login is required).

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