Announcing MAXSURF CONNECT Edition Version 23

The MAXSURF development team is pleased to announce the release of MAXSURF CONNECT Edition

License consolidation

To simplify our licensing and offer you more streamlined access to our newest, most advanced capabilities, we are consolidating our MAXSURF offerings. Previous offerings including MAXSURF (basic) worksuite, MAXSURF Modeler Advanced, MAXSURF Stability Advanced, and MAXSURF Stability Ultimate(aka Enterprise*) will be deprecated. This leaves just the two worksuite licenses: MAXSURF Advanced or MAXSURF Ultimate (aka Enterprise*).
* The 'Enterprise' designation for the most capable edition has now been renamed ‘Ultimate’.

New features

In this release of MAXSURF there are several enhancements to the MAXSURF modules particularly relating to modeling with Trimeshes. These include:

  • Modeler: Trimesh repair and enhanced Boolean operations.
  • Modeler: Trimesh primitive shapes - box, cylinder, column.
  • Modeler: Trimesh triangle selection tools.
  • Modeler: Improved performance for large models with complex trimming.
  • Stability: New heeling arm and criterion.
  • Stability: User-customizable criterion text.
  • Stability: Calculation of freeboard at each heel angle (GZ analysis).
  • Stability: Calculation of immersion angled at each displacement (KN analysis).
  • and numerous minor enhancements

Full details on the changes made to MAXSURF in version can be found in the MAXSURF ReadMe. A cumulative list of the main features to have been added to MAXSURF since Version 19 may be found here.

The MAXSURF Version installer can be downloaded from Software Downloads or the Fulfillment Center (a Bentley login is required).

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