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How do I disable Connect project chooser dialog when using Multiframe COM automation interface.  Multiframe requires user input at this dialog (either cancel or select a project) - takes away from the whole point of using COM interface.  For our purposes, the file does not need to be associated with a project.

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  • Hello Trevor, can you tell me what exactly the problem is that you are facing and which version you are using. You seem to mention several things, and Im unsure as to which is causing the problem. As mentioned before there is a registry key which if set to '0' (zero) will prevent the project chooser from displaying (irrespective if called from COM or interactively). But the location of the registry key is major version specific, so if you have upgraded from 21 to 22 you will need to add a new key. You do also need to set the registry key before Multiframe is launched because the keys are read from the registry only at the start of when the application is run.

    Here with the key set to 1 (one) (ie true) the Project chooser dialog is shown:

    If I turn off the key with '0' (zero) and restart everything (including Excel), the project chooser is not displayed

    (note file was saved from COM and dialog was not shown)


  • Sorry - just reread original question.

    SO there is one key to prevent the "Connect fail" message dialog coming up; there is another key to prevent the project chooser coming up

    they need to be in the registry area that corresponds to the version you are using - ie 21, or 22 (or 23 which will out soon) 


  • Thank you.  I am using version 22, recently upgraded from 21.  I had to add the line to the registry and then set to zero and it worked to suppress the Project Chooser dialog window.  However, the COM application takes significantly more time to run.  When registry setting is set to 1 and I click Cancel on the Project Chooser dialog during the COM application, the application takes 27 seconds to run.  When the setting is set to zero (dialog is suppressed), it takes 215 seconds to run.  It seems to be checking against the Bentley Cloud Services after every command.  Screen clipping of the status bar is below (the green status bar continuously flashes while COM is running).  When the registry setting is set to 1, the status bar never displays this message, there is no delay.

    As a second test, with Multiframe closed, I set the registry setting to zero, re-started Multiframe and tried drawing members in a new project.  There is an obvious delay after every command.  With Multiframe still running, I clicked on Bentley Cloud Services, chose Associate Project to prompt the Project Chooser Dialog, then clicked cancel on that dialog.  After doing that, there is no longer a delay after every command.

    What is causing the delay?  I need the COM application to runtime to be closer to 27 seconds with the Project Chooser dialog suppressed.

  • thanks for the extra detail, are you able to share your VBA? code that accesses Multiframe through COM so that we can attempt to see what might be going on?



  • This happens even with the sample automation "GeneratePortal.xls" included with the Multiframe install.  Here are links to screen recordings captured while the GeneratePortal is running:

    With registry setting set to zero (Project Chooser Dialog suppressed)  Note the status bar continuously displaying "Waiting for Bentley Cloud Services"

    With registry setting set to one (clicking cancel on Project Chooser Dialog):