Old Stability Standards

Hi to all and a Merry Christmas,

I am looking at a stability case with an older ship which still has to comply with stability standards linked to "permissible length" i.e. the regulations governed the maximum length between watertight bulkheads by prescribing a permissible length as opposed to the more modern '2 compartment' or '3 compartment' standard. The requirements were basically to recreate a curve under the floodable length curve which is x percent of the floodable length curve. The x dependant on factors of the ship's length and number of passengers etc. Then the length of any given compartment could not be greater than the permissible length curve.

I am looking to see if there is any way of doing this intelligently in Maxsurf i.e. Stability obviously has a floodable length curve feature but wonder if there is a way to create a permissible length curve or if my best bet is to extract the floodable length data and then multiply the outputs by the x I mention?

Suggestions, as always warmly welcomed.



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