Maxsurf Stability- Custom Densities

When setting up custom densities in Stability, is there a way to save these as a new "Default" densities set so that these are loaded up for each new project? I can't find this in the help file.

I know these can be saved separately for each project, but we use the same set of densities for each project so ideally we'd like to have these as the default set each time, without having to load or copy the Densites file for each new project. Can this be done?

Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Adam,

    The densities should be saved each time you close Stability. So when you reopen, you should have the same density settings you had when you closed. Is this not what you are seeing?



  • Hi James,

    That's the behavior we were hoping for, but when we start a new project, the densities haven't been maintained. Of course, if we save out a densities file and load that, we can bring them in, but we'd like to avoid doing that each time.

    Is there a main "Densities" file that can be edited to give the correct "Defaults" for a new project?

  • Hi,

    The densities are saved in the application registry entry which is specific to each user on each computer.

    This depends on the MAXSURF version, the computer and the logged in user on that computer.

    The densities are not saved with the model file.

    The densities can be saved and loaded from the file menu.

    So if you have several users you need to synchronise the densities between the different users on the different computers they are using.

    Probably the simplest way to do that is to:

    1. set your preferred densities that you want to use on all your projects and

    2. save them to a file (from the file menu) that all your naval architects can access

    3. When Stability is run for the first time by a new user on new hardware, import the densities from this common location.

    4. These loaded densities will be stored in the user/computer registry and will be loaded as the default densities each time Stability is used by that user on that computer.

  • You should only have to load your customised densities file once per user per computer, per version of MAXSURF. Once that has been done, they will be saved in the registry (see previous post). Remember the registry entry is specific to version, user and computer.