Problem on Solving Stability (MAXSURF)

Hi. I'm currently working on a project for designing an alternate design of a product carrier by MAXSURF. Everything looks fine until i analysed the stability. All the IMO and SOLAS criteria are accepted but it seems like i got a negative stability (negative corrected GM) on low heeling angle (30-40 degree approximate) on departure loadcase which is unusual for a product carrier. I've tried everything from looking up the modeler and hydrostatic parameters but nothing changed. I've tried to model the basis ship and it also give me the same result. I also tried a sample design and it give me the same result (negative corrected GM on approximate 30-40 degree). Anyone can explain what did i do wrong on the process?

Here's the result of the analysis:



GZ Curve

Thank You.

  • Hi Yosrifal,

    I'm not entirely sure what is going on from the info I can see. Can you please submit this, including you msd and hmd files as a support request.

    You can submit a support request through or under the Help menu in MAXSURF.

    I suspect that this is to do with the free surface correction. Upright hydrostatics doesn't account for any tanks / loadings, so there is no FSC, but Large Angle stability does.

    The free surface correction for GZ can be done in two ways, using a correction based on transverse waterplane inertia, or by direct calculation. The setting is under Analyis | Fluids. GM will always be corrected using the transverse WP inertia. That is why we can see differences in these values.