Joining keel surface to hull side

I have a surface for the side of the hull, made from a curve with control points. I also have a separate linear curve joined to this for the keel.

When I go to modify the hull surface lower, beyond the original keel lines, my keel surface no longer matches up. What is the best practice here?

Can I link the keel surface or create a surface from the lower edges?

  • Hi Paul,

    There are two ways you could do this, depending on your type of hull and surface layout etc you could use either method:

    1 - Use bonded control points. If you have the same number of control points and the same surface stiffness for two surfaces you can bond the edges (its actually the control points along the edge). To do it, either select a CP from each edge, or with render turned off, select the surface edges and go to Controls | Bond Edges | No tangency.

    This is best for joining surfaces that are about the same size such as a full length keel to a hull, bow cone to hull etc.

    2 - If you have a yacht keel as an appendage to the hull, you may prefer to use trimming. In this situation, model the hull surface up tp the centerline and your keel surface so it penetrates through the hull. You can then trim each of the surfaces by right clicking on the surface and selecting Start Trimming from the menu. Some notes on trimming:

     - You need to have fully enclosed intersections to form enclosed regions that can be trimmed away.

     - Display of trimming can be turned on/off using Display | Trimming | Trim Invisible. If trimming is off, then you won't be able to trim surfaces.

    Tell me more about your model and I may be able to provide specific feedback.