stress range and cycle counting

Dear all

I'm working on a spectral analysis for a leg member. 

An I extract the nominal stress range and cycle counting for a member, say, by using St-cyl-command?

the reason is that, the member has weld detail joints which can't be checked within SACS.

I want to extract the member stress range and cycle counting from the spectral analysis. after that, I will do a local FE analysis to get the SCF of the detailed joints. 

with the extracted stress counting information, to do a fatigue check.

Is this possible? please advise.

  • You can manually define the SCF for a connection using the Connection SCF Override Line (CONSCF). Typical practice is to perform a SCF extraction using FE analysis (See DNV RP C203 for guidance) and then override the SCF using the CONSCF line. You can then perform the fatigue analysis and get the results within SACS.

    You could output the nominal stress-cycle data (i.e. SCF = 1) from SACS, but then you would have to solve every nominal stress range to get the hot spot stress and do the damage calculations manually.