MOORING Analysis for Cable Laying Barge

Hi Friends, 

I am currently doing an analysis for cable installation, I try to model using the example j_laying.cif but the position of the roller is on the back of the barge, if for my case the roller is on the right side of the barge, my question is whether the position of the roller can be changed in the section right side of the barge?

  • Hello Affif,

    I am interpreting your question as, "The sample shows the roller direction in the vessel x-direction. How do I change it to the vessel y-direction?"

    The rollers have to be defined in the x-direction.  You can redefine the vessel coordinate system so that the vessel x-axis is toward the port or starboard side.

    Let me know if I understood you.  Let me know if there are other questions.

    Georgina Maldonado