Installation of HDPE pipe

hello sir/madam

I am  working in  a project 'installation analysis of long deep sea HDPE pipeline using moses"

i am facing problem during modelling of the pipe -

I am getting this error that the rod solution is not within  the tolerence limit and when i am increasing the wtplen of pipe i am not getting this error .

can you please help in solving the above problem .

  • Hello Payal,

    The common cause of the error is that there is insufficient rod sub-elements to describe the curve needed.  When you change the wtplen the curve obviously changes.  When defining the rod you have control of the size and location of the sub-elements.  Put more sub-elements where the curve is changing directions.  In a pipelay analysis the change in direction happens at the stinger, right after the stinger, and just before touch-down.  Please put more sup-elements in these areas.

    I hope this helps.

    Georgina Maldonado