Fatigue Analysis - Damage Equivalent Loads


I am trying to carry out a fatigue analysis of an offshore wind monopile structure in SACS using a spectral wave load and damage equivalent wind loads (DEWL) provided from the wind generator turbine manufacturer.

I have input these DEWLs in the SACS input file and created a Sea State file with the spectral wave load. However, I am not sure if the spectral fatigue analysis actually uses the DEWLs at all.

Should I carry out a separate deterministic fatigue analysis with the DEWLs and combine the damage with the one obtained from the fatigue spectral analysis with the spectral wave? How do I do that, if I do not know the number of occurrences of the DEWLs?

Same thing with the generated pile super element. I am not sure if SACS is using this at all in the fatigue analysis. Happy to share the input files.

Thanks and regards

Marcelo da Silva Machado