Maxsurf Stability problem


I'm having issues with the Maxsurf Stability module. I’m assessing vessel’s longitudinal strength while it is hoisted, and for that purpose use longitudinal strength option with two points grounding.

The model is set up correctly, (DWL is set at baseline, Single Point is forward hoisting point, etc.), but the results are peculiar. Grounding points are set above DWL, to simulate boat hanging in the air, and graph correctly doesn’t plot any buoyancy loads, but bending moment and shear force plots aren't correct, additionally graph plots grounding only at one point, always the aft one, while grounding force magnitude is in excess of displacement.

And to make things stranger, in profile window bottom Hydromax reports grounding reactions that seem plausible, also when I run Equilibrium analysis, grounding reactions seem to be calculated correctly (same as ones reported in Model window bottom).

Version used is Maxsurf Enteprise Connect Edition V21 Update 02 x64 running on Windows 7.