maxsurf probabilistic dmamage results


I have run a probabilistic damage for passenger vessel.

But how to co-relate or produce the results to classification society for their approval.

in the result sheet there are only 3 pages which says all DS DP & LS conditions PASS..

but if i look some other software results there are around 3000 pages for the same size of ship.

kindly help on this.



  • Hello Hem,

    You can create a log file with details of all the conditions tested. Go to the PD logfile dialog to select where you wish to save the results: Results > Results Logging Options.

    Please be aware that we have just discovered an error in the way the pi values are calculated for PD according to MSC.216(82) and MSC.421(98). This error occurs when there is subdivision due to longitudinal bulkheads and you are using the r-factors calculated from the b-values. When more than one adjacent zone of damage is considered, the probability is a bit higher than it should be and this results in a slight over-calculation of the attained index. We hope to have this fixed in the near-future. For the moment it is recommended that you carefully review the pi for multiple adjacent zones of damage and adjust if necessary.

    In future for prompt response, please submit a service request rather than posting on the forum, since this forum is not monitored as frequently.



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