Maxsurf Stability - Set Display | Data Format for all analyses through COM automation (VBA or similar)

Hi All,

We use Maxsurf a lot throughout the company for various design aspects. But in the end we do produce standard reports (e.g. stability booklets). To make some steps in improving the efficiency of generating these reports, first thing to do is to standardise the output setting of Maxsurf analyses through Display | Data Format for each of the result tables in the Results window. That's a lot of error-prone work though, as you need to manually cycle through all analysis types and set the Data Format options (which are a lot sometimes) manually.

So I am looking for a way to script the Display | Data Format settings for all analysis types with VBA or Python. I wonder if this is possible, since I don't find a clear hint on what objects and methods to use to adjust these settings in the Automation help file. Is this configuration perhaps set in some hidden txt file, or is there some other undisclosed way of automating this configuration from an external application?

Ideas, suggestions and guidance is much appreciated!