stiffener modeling of plate girder(I-shaped)

I have a question for modeling of SACS program.

It is a Beam Model of 2 joints and 1 member.

-Z direction load above beam top.

because of this, I try to add plate stiffener 10t to increase the shear area of beam web.(please refer to figure below.)

1) in second figure, i understand i can apply spacing value at "Stiffener Spacing(m)" of Edit Member Group XX window.(but i am not sure it is right procedure.)

    If if is right, in addition to Spacing, i wonder how to apply the properties of stiffener with which command card.


2) If 1) is wrong, how i can approach the modeling method for that beam.


3) i did like this...

  a) divide every length with different section in segment

  b) the modeling is like (I-shaped steel) - (I-shaped steel + stiffener) - (I-shaped steel) - (I-shaped steel + stiffener) - ......

  c) I failed to open "detail report" of beam at postvue after analysis run.

     I am not sure that too many segments made the problem or another error.

please reply if you have a key for this problem.

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