Maxsurf crashed

Good afternoon,

After downloading Maxsurf and Bentley Connection APP, when I try to open a Maxurf file (.msd), a window appears stating that the program has crashed (Attached a capture of it below), and the file does not open and the program closes itself.

I hope you can help me.

Thank you very much,

Carlos Monsalve

  • Hi Carlos,

    I've replied to your Service Request already - so this response is mostly for anyone else on the forum.

    The first test when things like this happen is to reset all preferences in case something has been corrupted. To do this, hold the shift key whilst launching MAXSURF.

    If that doesn't work, I'd like some more details:

     - Is it every file or just this one?  Does it occur with File | Design Quickstart? Does it occur when you add a new surface to a blank design?

    - Are you using File | Open to open the file, or Drag and Drop?

    Occasionally we will get issues with users trying to run recent software on older operating systems (win7 is now considered old). However I wouldn't expect it to present like this.



  • Hi James,

    - Yes, it happens with every file I try to open, even with Design Quickstart and adding a new surface to a blank design, In those two cases, it doesn't allow me to save the project.

    - I have tried using File | Open and Drag and Drop, and any of that works.

    It is happening in Windows 11 on a MacBook Pro through Parallels Desktop.



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