Damage stability criteria

I have a project that requires more than 200 damage cases with some cases being coppies of the other one with one compartment les  for example. Is there a way to duplicate existing cases or create them in txt or excell and import into Maxsurf to speed up the process?

  • Hi Kasia,

    Yes - there are definitely ways you can simplify this process and take some of the manual work out of it.

    There are three main solutions that you could do here:

    1) All of the tables in MAXSURF can be copied and pasted into Excel and back again. So one method would be to create your 200 damage cases

      - Ctrl-A in the Damage Case window, if you select multiple columns you can add multiple cases at once

      - You can copy the Damage Cases Table out to Excel. Shift-Ctrl-C will copy the table with headers.

      - In Excel you can use formulas etc to manipulate and create all of your damage combinations

      - Use Copy Paste to bring the table back into MAXSURF

    2) Use the MAXSURF COM interface to talk directly between Excel VBA and MAXSURF. For a problem like this, I would use the Extents of damage capabilities and over create damage cases, then search and remove duplicates.

     - Take a look at the Automation Samples in the install folder (C:\Program Files\Bentley\Offshore\MAXSURF CONNECT Edition V23\Automation Samples) and the Automation manual in Modeler (Help | MAXSURF Modeler Automation Help) to learn about using COM.

     - If you have troubles getting started with COM, take a look at MAXSURF Automation COM Troubleshooting - MAXSURF | MOSES | SACS - Wiki - MAXSURF | MOSES | SACS - Bentley Communities

    3) The Probabilistic Stability in MAXSURF Ultimate can automatically create all of the damage combinations you require. You will need to set up the regions on the vessel  (zones, bulkheads and decks). Once you have the cases you want in the probabilistic damage, you can copy them across to Deterministic Cases using Cases | Copy Prob Dam Cases.

    My question back to you, is how do you intend to manage and present this many cases to Class? Do you have 200 damage cases x 10 intact cases? If you are dealing with 2000 cases, then you're going to have to be thoughtful about how you will manage the results that you generate.


    James Clarkson

  • Thank you. I think using Excel method we cannot copy the Extend of Damage assiged to each case. Correct?

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