Rhinos 3D Model to Maxsurf Modeller

May I know the best way to import a 3D models from Rhinos to Maxsurf Modeller without having thousands of control points ?
Since I will have the Parents Ship design from Rhinos and try to optimize the hydrostatics characteristics of the parents ship, including parametric transformation and stuff.

  • Hi Michael,

    This is best done in Rhino before importing it. I'm not a current Rhino user, but there is a function to refactor surfaces to have less control points. I don't recall what that function is called.

    It is an option to bring in the control points and fit a new surface(s) to the control points, but that can be a daunting task.

    We can also work with meshes (but not for parametric transform). So if you are only importing a model to then go and analyse hydrostatics, this can be a fast and efficient method.

    If you discover what the Rhino command to use is, can you let me know?



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  • There is Rebuild Curve Tools in Rhinos, or other CADs software.
    But still when importing to Maxsurf, the control points are too many.

    I will figure it out myself, either re-modelling or stuff.

    Thankyou for your answer.

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