Skin Curves

I have two curves - one at deck level (with camber) and one at bottom level (angled flat surface).

Both curves have been projected from the same source curve on to surfaces at deck and bottom level (deck is hidden in image shown).

I need to generate a curve that wraps smoothly around the fwd outboard corner and believe I need to use the 'skin curves' command.

The command / process worked first time for the aft corner (same deck surface and similar bottom surface) but fails to work with the fwd corner.

I've tried numerous settings in the 'skin curves' dialogue but the surface generated is wrong - see second image.

Are there any obvious pointers someone can provide? I've tried the manual and Bentley YouTube videos without success.

Many thanks, James

  • In my experience, I would add a surface with the same amount of control points and copy all the control points from each point of the curve, and paste it to my points in my new surface in sequence.
    Finally, it is only needed to change the stiffness to 3 or 4 to make the new surface as a smooth surface.

    I hope someone else have better advices for this, cause I rarely use maxsurf modelling from scratch.

  • Hi James,

    I think that one of your curves is going in the wrong direction, i.e. one heads Left to Right, the other is Right to Left. So we're trying to join the Left end of one curve with the right end of the other.

    To fix it, reverse the ends on one of your curves. Curves | Reverse Curve.

    If both of your original curves had the same number of CPs and stiffness then I would probably use the Surface | Extrude command.


     - Select one curve

     - Use Surface | Extrude Surface command and set the extrusion a nominal distance (1m vertically)

     - Select the free edge of the new surface and the second curve

     - Use Curves | Fit Edge to Curve

    Let me know how you go.

  • Hi Michael,

    Thank you for taking the time to reply.

    After posting the question I realised the aft curves were comprised of just 3 control points - I think I initially formed them from a cylinder as it was a simple radius. I therefore solved the problem by copying one of the aft curves, mirroring it and then manually changing the curve coordinates so they matched adjacent surfaces. When this was completed for the top and bottom curves the skin curve command worked correctly first time.

    Thanks again for your help.


  • Hi James,

    Many thanks for your time and advice - it all makes sense and seems to be a logical method.

    It did appear the curves were going in the opposite direction - however, I didn't know about the reverse curve command so this is really helpful.

    I do like the extrude surface command - this works very well for the hull forms I need to generate and usually works very well for me when either the top or bottom curve has consistent height for example. It was more problematic here (confusing for me) due to the deck camber. I will make a note of the 'fit edge to curve' approach as I also suspect this could be a more efficient method than I currently use.

    Thanks again for your expertise - two invaluable pieces of advice that I am sure will prove very useful going forward.

    Best regards,