Hi can i know what code are written in "inst_spost" command? i believe this command is available only with automatic istallatiion tools, if the code for launch are write manually, how do i perform stress member check during launch? 

  • Hi Nasrul, 

    Please find the sample file, man_laun.cif/dat. If you did not change the default installation directory, they are located in “C:\Program Files\Bentley\Offshore\MOSES V12\hdesk\runs\tests\install”

    The cif shows two ways to generate launch load cases with different options and subsequent code checks with classic MOSES structural post processor and also with MOSES Post which comes from SACS Post. Please refer to the lines from 75 to 142. Also refer to the manual to see the available codes in MOSES Post. They are basically the same as the codes SACS Post has.

    If you need further assistance, please raise the help ticket through the system.

    Thank you!

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  • Hi bitna, I think u have answered my question. Another problem is i need to plot my uc member after strpost and only interested in knowing the the value for buoyancy tank support member. to give context i have summarize some command and hope u can check.

    the member im interested in is Buoyancy tank support:

    ~0BT1 ~0BT2 ~0BT3 ~0BT4 ~0BTA ~0BTB ~0BTB ~0BTB ~0BTB ~0BTC ~0BTD ~0BTD \
    ~0BTD ~0BTE ~0BTF ~0BTF ~0BTF ~0BTG ~0BTH ~0BTH ~0BTH ~0BTH ~0BTH ~0BTH \
    ~0BTI ~0BTJ ~0BTJ ~0BTJ ~0BTK ~0BTL ~0BTL ~0BTL ~0BTM ~0BTN \

    &select -select :BT ~BT@

    name :uc_chk
    &loop el ( &names(:BT) )
    &if &element(ratio %el) .GE. 0.5 &then
    selec %el
    &pict iso -name :uc_chk -color sele -annotate ratio
    &pict top -name :uc_chk -color sele -annotate ratio
    &pict starb -name :uc_chk -color sele -annotate ratio


  • Narsul, 

    What about trying MOSES Post to see the uc for the selected parts? The sample also shows how to generate postvue database. If you want more support, please raise service request through the system. 

    Best regards,