Hi, Do you have criteria for offshore launch barge stability?

I'm currently doing a task involving jacket launching analysis; stability of barge and strength of rocker arm. Also, if anyone know if there is a sample file for launching jacket from launch barge, including rocker arm at the stern of the barge? Thank you!

  • Dear Ainul,

    I hope this message finds you well. This forum is dedicated to software support, and therefore, the choice of stability criteria is input to the software and must be provided by the user. You will need to look into various guidelines (DNV, ABS, etc.) to check for stability criteria during launch.

    Regarding your next question, you can find the manual launch files in the MOSES installation directory. Here is the path in my installation: C:\Program Files\Bentley\Offshore\MOSES 2023\hdesk\runs\tests\install\man_laun.cif.

    I have also attached the same files here, along with the MOSES workbook that will be helpful for you to understand the launch analysis in MOSES. I hope this helps. Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.


    Rahul Kanotra