SACS Error Message

Hello SACS Expert Team,

Currently we are facing lot of SACS problems. We have 10 valid License. Even though if 2-3 person used it gives following error.

1) This Product is offline Please close application.

2) Connection with the Licensing server has been lost. Continuing to use this product might lead to usage thresholds being exceeded. It is recommended that you complete any current actions, save the model if desired, and then exist the program. Please perform as save or saveAs if needed.

3) The CONNECT Licence Client is unable to determine the number of users currently using this application. Continued to use may result in the use of a license above the limit set by your administrator.

4) The Data file could not be opened because of this error: Encountered a sharing violation while accessing C:\Program files (X86) \ Bentley\ Engineering \ SACS CONNECT Edition V16 \ Feeds \ sacsnews.html.

5) Sometimes it closed without any warning message and without saving the changes.

Please find the above attached error messages. Please help us to make our SACS work smooth. without any such warnings. /Errors

Thank You!


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