OpenTower Solution Architecture

OpenTower iQ is the only end-to-end solution for a complete lifecycle management of telecom towers. It offers a platform that brings together all the required components and synchronizes them via a data driven model to provide a highly efficient workflow and improved user experience.

Tower owners and operator often need to integrate their digital-twin portal with their asset management systems enabling their clients and vendors a seamless user experience. To facilitate such a seamless experience, OpenTower iQ can further be expanded and integrated through its API layer.

For example, a design change proposed by a carrier can be visualized and validated by Bentley’s OpenTower iQ, run a stability analysis, and then output construction drawings, custom reports, update asset data, etc.

Figure 1: OpenTower Solution Architecture


OpenTower iQ Features 

The Telecom industry is evolving to quickly adapt to the demand of 5G. One of the critical aspects of this evolution is going digital. Significant efforts and investments were made recently to digitize communication infrastructure assets. However, digitization efforts are still in their early stage as technology is catching up to help the industry digitize its asset portfolio. OpenTower iQ is a purpose-built solution to help accelerate this digitization effort reliably and quickly.