• AutoPIPE Capability Overview

    Are you interested in using AutoPIPE but not sure if it includes all of the capabilities required for your work.  Have you heard great things about how easy it is to learn and use AutoPIPE but you are wondering if it is capable to analyze the loadings required for your project?  Below, let's look at a concise list of the capabilities AutoPIPE offers.


    • ASME B31.1
    • ASME B31.3
    • ASME B31.4
    • ASME B31.8
    • ASME B31.12
    • EN…
  • Useful Model Viewing Options

    Hello everyone!

    Today I am writing about some useful features on the View and Show ribbon tabs that many people do not know about.  Or maybe you know these options are available but you don't ever use them.  These ribbon tabs include options for the most common view tools, such as zoom, pan, rotate and common view angles, but they also have some other very useful tools that are worth learning about.

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  • Applying Occasional Static Loads

    Occasional loads can be included in any piping model for analysis.  Some common static occasional load options are Wind, Snow and Static Earthquake.  Let's review these options:

    Wind Loads

    For Wind loads, users have the option to use UBC or ASCE-7 (1998, 2002, 2010 or 2016) codes.  With one of these options, the user can enter some inputs and the wind profile will be created for you.  If none of these codes apply, the…