• May 2014 Webinar - Solving Real-World Industry Pipestress Problems using AutoPIPE Webinar Recording

    The complexity of some piping systems and how they are accurately modeled can be quite challenging. In this webinar, we will show you examples of some of these complex systems and how users are modeling them.
    Examples include:
     •Solving expansion Joint design on hot piping
     •Designing Pumping stations
     •Important Seismic design considerations
     •Hot Piping Clash Detection to quickly identify interferences during…

  • Vessel Nozzles/Flange Design using AutoPIPE and AutoPIPE Vessel Webinar

    For accurate Pipestress models, learn why and how to easily model Vessels and Vessel Nozzle flexibility as well as  capturing full ASME VIII flange design checks on all flanges in AutoPIPE. We will also review the additional local load analysis, flange and nozzle flexibility and reinforcement design methods in AutoPIPE Vessel including optimization available.

    Date: July 22nd (North America), July 23rd (Europe / Middle…

  • June 2014 Webinar - AutoPIPE Advanced Buried Pipeline Design Webinar w/ Bonus General B31 Code Major Changes for 2012

    Accurately modeling buried piping can be an intimidating task. There are multiple factors to take into account and features within AutoPIPE that need to be understood to be properly used. In this webinar we will show some of the intricacies that need to be addressed when modeling buried piping systems. Bonus material includes ASME B31 2012 Code major changes explained.

    Dates: June 17th (North America), June 18th (Europe…