• The AutoPIPE Project Showcase

    The AutoPIPE Project Showcase

    The AutoPIPE Project Showcase and the Year in Infrastructure series of publications are project yearbooks published by Bentley Systems, Incorporated that showcase the extraordinary work of Bentley users sustaining the world's infrastructure.

    These projects represent tremendous innovation in the use of AutoPIPE advanced software for pipe stress design and analysis to enable companies…

    • Wed, Mar 7 2018
  • The Benefits of Nonlinear Pipe Stress Analysis Method

    In plant design, it is important to perform pipe stress analyses to examine different loading scenarios, such as thermal, seismic, wind and dynamic loads. This process brings significant benefits, but to understand what those benefits are, it is important to distinguish between a linear and a nonlinear analysis. A linear analysis is characterized by constant pipe properties, small deflections, and elastic deformation…

    • Wed, Mar 7 2018