Advantages to using PipeLink for AutoPIPE & STAAD Integration


PipeLink easily integrates the Combined Piping and Structure Model in one analysis to produce a More Realistic & Safer Integrated Piping & Structural Model with 20 -30% less Project Design hours. 


  • Permits Less Assumptions for a more Accurate, Realistic Engineered Design
  • Help provides for Safer Structure, Piping, & Equipment
  • Helps to promote Potential Cost Savings on Pipe Supports & Steel Structure
  • Single or Multiple User Integrated Models with Bi-Directional Data Exchange
  • Considers the Structural Sway & Stiffness for more accurate, safer designs.
  • Have the Ability to Connect a piping node to a distance along a beam member instead of simply a structure node
  • Automatically connect pipe nodes to the closest structure node
  • Save the supported node connections for the next revised piping model imported into STAAD
  • Has Options for new generated loads to update the existing pipe loads instead of appending to the load case definition
  • Can Transfer the nearest structure locations back to the pipe stress model
  • Support Reactions can be translated Into Equivalent STAAD Load Cases on the Structural Model saving time and money.
  • Multiple Pipe Model imports into STAAD.Pro are possible.
  • Transfer Piping Hanger Support Onto The Structural Model Or Examine The Local Piping + Structure Interaction
  • Identify Major Interferences from within STAAD or AutoPIPE and Perform detailed clash detection using Bentley Navigator
  • As the piping model changes, the structural model will update itself!